ConEth Games

Nahte { King of Clubs }

Sports Fanatic / Baller

It is my destiny to bring the world another great sports competitor. I will do whatever it takes to get to the next level. What are you willing to risk?

A college sports fanatic with dreams of making it to the big leagues. He aspires to go to the pros but knows it is very competitive and has a slim chance of being drafted. He knows he needs to do something to gain the attention of his future employers. If he can push out a few more bench presses during the combine, he’ll be guaranteed to land in the first round. He is offered upper body strength enhancements which are powered by ancient alien technology and steampunk machinery. Will this give him the edge that he needs? If he is seduced by the gadgets which would allow him to compete at a higher level, then he may regret it without understanding the full ramifications. He knows there are consequences if it is overused, but is he willing to take that gamble? He will pay the ultimate price if he chooses an unsavory path.
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