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Sarah / Sandra { Queen of Clubs }


Are you talking about me? Why don’t you go away you dumpster fire!

Sarah is self-absorbed, snotty, annoying and a narcissist, but highly self-conscious and emotional. She has a split personality disorder and is always concerned about what others think of how she looks. Sarah always reaches for her favorite mirror to get a glance of herself. The mirror is adorned with artwork of her twin sister and herself. She is always checking the scar she wears on her face from a car accident. The scar is a blemish she can not overlook and wants to make sure it is covered so nobody sees it. A very ornate tiara awaits her which would provide her the ability to sense what others are feeling and thinking. With a split personality disorder, does she take the chance to seek the truth? If she misuses the technology, then she will never be able to show her beautiful face. She will be ashamed of how she is viewed and perceived and will hide her hideous and horrid self. Also, the mirror is symbolic by representing her twin sister Sandra.
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