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Sasha { Jack of Clubs }

Sword Swallower

The sword is a reflection of strength, human ingenuity and craftsmanship. I use it as a tool for my profound act. You will gasp and laugh as I slide the sword down my throat while juggling flowers.

She will capture the attention of carnival patrons with her steampunk, ancient alien-powered swords, and her incredibly funny act. The swords are majestic looking, but with every swallow attempt, her life force dwindles. She entertains with passion and shows patrons how to have a good time. With her daring, funny and comedian-like act, many patrons come to the carnival just to have the loud and entertaining Sasha experience. Any day could be her last act depending on how many leaky swords are swallowed. She does this for the love of entertainment and the excitement of the crowds. There is no other thing in the world she enjoys besides entertaining. Does she swallow her last sword and puncture through her chest? Will this be her last act?
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