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Cobra { Ace of Diamonds }

It is the spirit of the cobra that runs through my veins. The symbol represents my past, future, and whole inner-being

The deadly cobra rears up with its hood dilated in anticipation to strike which symbolizes the suit of diamonds.  This lethal machine was designed to protect and it is highly feared for it venomous mechanical bite. In ancient Egyptian times, the cobra is often depicted spitting fire.  The machine is powered by lodscovium and delivers a toxic alien venom which is lethal. The carnies know these machines exist, but few have seen it because it hides and protects things the suits bring for Dr. Alexander to study.  It is Jin who honors this symbol with his abdominal tattoo and is proud to bare for all to see. Jin adopted the name of “The Spitting Cobra” for his ability to breathe fire.
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