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Chester { Jack of Spades }

Roustabout / Freak

What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen what your step-mother looks like in the morning while mowing the lawn?

If you like a raw joke, then you will be entertained by Chester. He is a playful teenage mutant boy who is an employee of Llod's Carnival. He is a roustabout and his responsibility is to do grunt work such as move heavy machines, general carnival maintenance and is a part of the freak show. He shows some physical characteristics of a swine because his DNA was merged with a pig. He is large and proud and does not have any self confidence issues. His prank includes squirting toxic mist out of his joke flower. Chester is unaware of the toxic affects of the alien mist and patrons always become sick afterwards. With a microphone strapped around his chest, he is boisterous, opinionated, loud but equally entertaining as long as you are not a subject of his wild pranks. Because Chester is so obese and lazy he uses an exoskeleton suit which allows him to walk and easily lift heavy objects. If he does not lose weight he will become dependent upon this alien powered device. He is partially a mutant and does have some resistance to the alien radiation, but the consequences are too much if he does not change his ways.
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