ConEth Games

Ronnoc { Jack of Hearts }

Lead Mechanical Engineer

There is always something that needs fix-in!

As the carnival’s lead engineer, he gets to spend a lot of time creating and tinkering with anything mechanical. He is well versed in mechanical engineering and can work with all types of materials.  His favorite materials to work with are meta-materials from downed UFOs which is provided by the suits.  The UFO's yields an abundance of materials that allow him to experiment and re-purpose it for ingenious inventions.  With his creative mind, he designs masterful pieces of beautiful yet highly functional devices. The devices he builds are powered by a smart ancient alien power source (Lodscovium). With this newly found power source, he is able to bring his elaborate devices to life with endless possibilities and power.

When he is not tinkering with gadgets or fixing carnival rides, he is either out gallivanting with the ladies or he is playing chess with carnival patrons. His mind is always ticking and looking for sources of inspiration in the most profound and unusual ways. He even mimics things from nature to ensure the dynamics and physics are correct for  his gadgets. His life is gadgets and takes great pride in creating useful and functional devices, but the gadgets are susceptible to the same outcome. His face conveys that he is stunned and truly hits his heart with a single tear expressing his greatest disappointment.  With great disappointment and misunderstanding, the alien radiation may take another victim.

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