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Aditi { Queen of Diamonds }

Fortune Teller

Your future is unwritten, but I can assure you what will happen next... you will never forget...

Aditi is known to be one of the most astounding soothsayers in history with her ability to tap into the universal mind and accurately see into one's future. The first thing you will notice with Aditi is that she has an alien-powered steampunk-like device on her head. It is a short and stubby ocular device that fits securely in the top middle of her forehead. It is disturbing to witness her place it within her head, but she is very spiritual and will put you at ease. She will mesmerize the audience as the ocular device projects a green holographic-like sphere which allows her to see your fate. If Aditi strains the device too much, then she will seal her own fate.

The second pose illustrates the possible future of Aditi when the toxic alien radiation permeates throughout her body. She holds tight to an ancient skull. On the top of the skull sits a candle which is almost fully melted. The combination of the skull and candle is symbolic in that time has run out and the result is death. As she ponders her destiny, the faceless phantoms circle and pass through her to encourage her to become free and unbounded to this life.

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