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James { Jack of Diamonds }

Hacker / Thief / Smuggler

I am always tired, but I will get my revenge and will not rest till the truth is revealed!

As a former carnie, he was the subject of Dr. Alexander's alleged abuses. He claims that the doctor performed experiments on him which resulted in him wearing a breathing mask. He was banished from the carnival by the suits because of his threats and uncontrollable rage. His terrible experiences have prompted him to bring down the doctor and the suits. He is dark and shady, but highly intelligent and vows to take down anybody that stands in his way. He wears a wristwatch with a built-in radiation detector. It helps him evade any type of radiation; however, he has already been exposed to high levels of alien radiation while working at the carnival.  The intense radiation created side effects such as his baldness and suffers from cyanosis.  It is just a matter of time before he greeted by Anubis unless he can unlock a cure.
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